The Expandable Universe is the only habitat that grows as your pet grows.  Essential to this ability to infinitely expand are the wide variety of parts and accessories available.

Expandable Universe Connector

Corner Connectors

The Corner Connector is the unique piece that gives the Expandable Universe its versatility.  This patented 6-way connector offers expansion up and down, left to right, and front to back. 


Simply insert one of an Expansion Rod into the connector and rotate 45-degrees to lock in place.  No tools are needed.  Raised ridges on the Corner Connector’s surface offer a positive locking mechanism, ensuring that your pet cannot knock a bar loose.  

Expansion Bars

Patented Expansion Rods feature a plus-sign shaped cross-section that provide a firm and secure surface for all doors and panels to rest against.  Each end of an Expansion Rod positively locks into a Corner Connector with a simple twist-of-the-wrist. 


A full 1/8″ thick at its narrowest point, the Expansion Rod has been designed to provide incredible strength with minimal weight.  Molded holes in two of its sides allow for the insertion of the door clips.  

Expandable Universe Expansion Rod
Interchangeable Panels for the Expandable Universe

Walls and Panels

The Expandable Universe provides you with the ability to customize to your pet’s needs.  Choose between acrylic, glass, screen, and wire grill panels.  Or, create your own from any material that is pet safe.  Walls and Panels are completely interchangeable and can be placed inside to separate one life space from another. 

Interlocking Trays

Patented Interlocking Trays allow easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the Expandable Universe habitat.  Simply slip the tab of one tray into the slits of the next tray.  Trays easily pull forward like the linked cars of a train. 

Interlocking Tray for the Expandable Universe